"Exactly more or less, then, you do this. "

It is the title of this stop motion film drawing from trance music recorded in a random and casual way that has through the long wave of a radio.
One summer of 1997 this music accidentally appeared on my receiver, I managed to record it and save it in a cassette format. From 2017 and 2018 I was engaged in shaping and enjoying this sound, to seeking synchrony with movement and motifs rescued from original drawings from Africa.
More than a work connected to the folklore of the mother continent of humanity, it is a work of pure celebration, trance, rhythm and animation. With no other excuse than the crazy pleasure of seeing and listening in time.

Premiered in the section “National Productions 2020” at the Barcelona Independent Film Festival L’Alternativa 2020.

2:40 min.
2019 Barcelona


(The film is not available at open, as this year it is still in competition.)